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What Are The Benefits And Demerits of Lithium Batteries?

In 1912, lithium batteries were designed however it wasn’t until 1990 when they were declared good enough to enter the mass market level. Lithium batteries can be manufactured in different sizes and shapes, which results in them being customized to the ready space in the gadget for which they are supposed to be used. These lithium batteries when compared to other batteries are lighter because of the material used in their manufacture as well as the high open-circuit voltage of other like batteries.

Lithium batteries are light in weight which makes them the most preferred ones in these high tech days of mobile devices and handheld devices. Lithium batteries are not affected by the memory effect. This is a condition wherein other rechargeable batteries, in case they are completely discharged prior to recharging cannot hold their utmost energy level in good time meaning the charge they hold is very low. There are no extreme self-discharge rates like other batteries instead they have 5% per month, unlike other batteries that have 30% per month.

Lithium batteries are quite popular for portable and consumer electronics. Their fast recharge cycle and high performance makes them a good option for military, aerospace and automobile applications. Lithium batteries are small and light in nature which makes them the best option in the market. Lithium batteries compact size makes them the best for different electronic gadgets. Lithium batteries have high energy density making them a preferred choice, unlike their competitors.This means that lithium batteries can offer lots of power in their small size. This high energy is the best for gadgets that are hungry for power such as laptops, smartphones, and tablets. The low self-discharge rate of lithium batteries shows that their shelf-life is long and also they can be recharged and used more as compared to other batteries in their level.

Lithium batteries have a fast charge cycle which another of their benefits and which are popular in daily electronics such as tablets and mobile phones. Their charge time is only a fraction of other kinds of batteries. The batteries are able to complete thousands of discharge and charge cycles. A capacity reduction can, however, be reported in the life space of lithium batteries.

For instance, if lithium batteries complete over 1000 discharge and charge cycles it means that they will lose 30% capacity. This loss in capacity is however dependent on the brand of lithium batteries. The most advanced lithium batteries have 5000 discharge to charge levels to completion. Unlike other batteries lithium batteries cost more. The cost of lithium batteries is 40% over the other kinds of batteries. Lithium batteries are expensively priced because they are combined with on-board computer circuitry that helps to control voltage and current.

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